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Love them or hate them, Social Media Influencers like Ian Ballina are the reason ICON ever went to $12 in the first place. ICO participants will remember. We need to get them back on board.

Not necessarily Ian. But crypto social media influencers. **Token prices in crypto go up via only one method: The nurturing of interest, curiosity, hope, and excitement.** It’s great that Min says he’s going to step up the communication. *But he is not a PR company. And he is not a social media influencer. They will most likely start tweeting more. And that’s about it.* That won’t be sufficient. Believe me on this. I’ve been investing in ICOs since Ethereum. We need to get people on board who can do analysis and generate interest among their followers. We need them communicating the importance and significance of this project like they used to. They are the best possible means of communication. ICON just doing more tweeting isn’t going to be sufficient.
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