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Just want to thank the community for being awesome

I don’t know if anyone has been following ATOM at all, but recently a couple of their validators’ marketing pushes/proposals have cast some doubt about whether the community funds were being used correctly. I won’t go into too much detail about another crypto here, but long story short, when some people began expressing their doubts, a lot of the pushback has been along the lines of, “f* off, FUDers,” or “you don’t understand how marketing for a revolutionary technology works, have fun being poor.” As someone who has been in crypto for years, I’ve invested in a lot of projects, and quickly divested from projects like TRX, WTC, and EOS after I saw the red flags. One of the biggest factors for me in divesting has been the official and unofficial responses by the community to “FUD.” Nobody can predict or control the future, but you definitely can control how you respond to something. My philosophy to investing is “don’t trust, and verify a crapload to temporarily assuage your distrust,” and if I don’t like the responses I’m seeing, I have no qualms with dropping a project—even at a significant loss. Now, this is a long intro to my main point—I’ve used my same distrusting approach to ICX as well, and every time I’ve expressed my doubts, I’ve been met with nothing but rational and empathetic responses. I feel MUCH better about a response like, “yeah, this aspect sucks, but we’re working on it,” rather than no response at all or a condescending response about how doubters “just don’t get it.” People like /u/NorskKiwi, /u/iconographer-icx, /u/neovangelis, etc. have been fantastic in giving reasoned responses and facts to my questions and doubts, and after interacting with another community that hasn’t been doing such a great job addressing legitimate skepticism in a reassuring way, I feel so grateful for what I have in a community like ICX. This isn’t to shit on ATOM—I hope it succeeds, as I have no ill will to another crypto community. I just don’t like how the communi...
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