IconFi disappointing safety

self.helloicon8m ago
I really love ICX and the ICON project. The founder of Icon Min Kim and his business partner have earlier launched IconFi and although many people are happy to use this handy app, there are SEVERE security issues. In their terms they literally put all risk in customer hands and they are not insured or will help you in case of hacks. They state they use YOUR funds for any reason they seem fit, and if that involves going bankrupt or causes subsidiary problems, they pull their hand aways from it. For me this is absurd and a big red flag. I love the simplicity of IconFi but not providing any assurances to their ‘respected’ customers is a big no-go. I am not making this post to rant, I am hoping the Iconfi management will wake up and change this dire situation. Don’t take customer funds for granted and please provide some safety and insurance. As example you could check out Nexo, they have insured their funds and have an external audit company check their collateral requirements. It’s a way Iconfi can evolve and become more safe for users. Thank you.