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ICONex importing MEW account for swap

I want to make it certain I am doing this right. To swap my ICX ERC20 tokens I can't just import my MEW account, hit swap and wait, right? I must create a separate ICONex account, transfer my ether and ICONex to it and then swap. At least, that is what I gathered from the instructions I read. If so, damn yet another wallet to keep track of, sigh.
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ICON's newest DApp Somesing (Korean link).

[아이티데일리] 소셜뮤직네트워크 서비스 앱(APP)을 개발 중인 ‘썸씽(SOMESING)’이 블록체인 스타트업을 발굴하고 양성하는 블록체인 엑셀...