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ICON will probably explode when SK government officially removes ICO ban

Honestly, I can’t see why this hasn’t exploded. These guys are building such a great ecosystem. One thing I’ve noticed talking to people IRL is certain news pieces from online will stick with them, but not all of them. Even though we read everyday and keep up to date, a lot of people aren’t aware of all of that. That’s why they subscribe to crypto Youtubers who essentially read what’s going on to them. I feel like that whole ICO ban last year is still looming and holding this back. Once we get official news of its removal, then that news will permeate to the mainstream. Even your average crypto investor who isn’t scouring Reddit 24/7 will be aware. THEN, it’ll be “safe” to invest in ICX. Hopefully by that time, token swap will be done, ICONest is officially live, and maybe the IISS info is released. Then a lot of these people may stumble upon ICX, go “woah look at all these partnerships (Samsung) etc.” and buy a bag. Until then, it’s a waiting game. Last year a Samsung partnership would have caused a bullrun. This time, there are too many projects and the $$ is spread too thin.
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