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Icon team and Icon community need each other! more cooperation and mutual understanding is essential to succeed.

In recent months it has become clear that a part of the Icon community does not agree with the communication and marketing strategy of Icon. Much has been said and written about this. It looked like two camps that do not speak each other's language and do not understand each other. I understand the frustration and worries of many people about the communication and marketing strategy. In any case, I am happy to read that the Icon team is working to improve communication and be more transparent. I understand the feelings of many people about the current market and Icon's price development. I also feel the frustration and pain itself. I hope that the Icon team will work on a better relationship with the Icon commmunity. I do not have to explain that a good and large community is extremely important. I think it is important that a community feels that they matter and are taken seriously. I am sure that the Icon community consists of many experienced, involved and smart people. My call to the Icon team is to invest more in the relationship with the community; the community are ultimately also your ambassadors. Do not underestimate the power of a community! See how Neo got along with this (besides an excellent communication and marketing strategy from Neo). My call to the Icon community is to continue to support the Icon team. I know that the times are hard and there is a lot of disappointment. I myself had other expectations. I know that it is in everyone's interest to support and work together. Together we are stronger.
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