Icon Ecosystem Weekly Discussion Thread - April 13, 2022

Icon Ecosystem Weekly Discussion Thread - April 13, 2022
self.helloicon1m ago
Welcome to the r/helloicon weekly discussion thread! Comment here to introduce yourself, ask questions, discuss the latest developments, and/or price movements. We'd love to hear your innovative ideas, ecosystem suggestions, feedback, and anything else regarding ICON and the digital nations being built on it. ​ **ICON Discord Channel:** * [Icon Official Discord - The best place to discuss all things ICON.](https://discord.gg/4MuJADZCmX) ​ **Where can I find out more about ICON?** * [**ICON 2.0 Road Map**](https://iconfoundation.notion.site/ICON-2-0-Roadmap-064c2ee577714c58b487a76c7f3998ff) * [**Official ICON Website**](https://icon.foundation/?lang=en) \- Check out the official ICON website for the whitepaper, yellowpapers, wallet downloads, ICON tracker, team updates, project updates and much more. * [**MyID Alliance - Decentralised ID Partnership**](http://myidalliance.com/en) \- See ICON's expansive DID network & partners in detail. * [**Developers Portal**](https://www.icondev.io/) \- Everything needed for developing an ICON DApp. * [**ICX Station Website**](https://www.icxstation.com/) \- ICON's blockchain project accelerator. * [**ICON's Medium Channel**](https://medium.com/helloiconworld)\- Monthly Technical Development Updates, partnership news etc. * [**ICON Twitter**](https://twitter.com/helloiconworld) \- Follow the ICON Foundation for all the latest updates. * [**Icon.Community**](https://icon.community/) \- Official ICON community forum. * [**A good starting place with a lot information at your disposal**](https://www.reddit.com/r/helloicon/wiki/faq#wiki_resources) ​ **Guidelines:** * News, articles, and announcements can be posted as their own individual posts (instead of comments here). * Make sure to report any inappropriate comments or behaviour. You can contact the moderator team by modmail. * The ICON Subreddit Rules apply in this thread. ​ **What wallets are available for storing and transacting ICX?** * [Hana wallet - Recommended for desktop/chrome browser use.](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hana/jfdlamikmbghhapbgfoogdffldioobgl) * [My Icon Wallet - Recommended for iOS/android use.](https://www.myiconwallet.com/) * [ICONex wallet.](https://icon.foundation/contents/products/iconex?lang=en) * [Atomic Wallet.](https://atomicwallet.io/icon-wallet) * [Svalinn - Offline/Desktop Wallet.](https://github.com/iconation/Svalinn) * [ICONSafe - Multisig Wallet.](https://iconsafe.net/#/) * [Wallet X - Featuring Icon Name Service.](https://walletx.icontrol.id/) ​ **Disclaimer:** * This is a community-governed subreddit and the posts and comments here do not necessarily reflect the views of ICON or the ICON Foundation. * If you suspect this thread is being used for ill intent please help notify the moderator team via modmail. * Please be aware of scammers trying to impersonate moderators or members of the ICON team. * DO NOT SHARE your private keys or personal information with anyone. ​ Please remember to always operate within ([Reddit's Content Policy](https://www.reddit.com/help/contentpolicy)) and follow subreddit rules. Thanks everyone!