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Have nothing but respect for ICON team. But had a realisation. Aren't we as the investors kind of like the CEO/board of directors of the company?

Had this realisation last night. We invest the money. We are kind of putting food on the icon team's table. Now, I believe the developers are brilliant people and deserve our respect, but I kind of am frustrated when I have to post questions here asking about the dates for ledger support. Details on staking. Am I the only one who thinks that they need us more than we need them? In a word. We are their boss. I want the Icon team to send updates to my personal email. I want them to answer my questions on the tech, to see if I give them the green light. I'm tired of not being informed, never mind consulted on the direction of the company. In a word, I \(and you all of you who have invested hard earned fiat in the company\) are the boss and we deserve to be treated as such. Again, nothing but respect for the icon team and the brilliant work you are doing. Truly believe in this project as long term Hodl, \(about 30% of my crypto is in ICX\) Kind regards, The hand that feeds you ps. if you are a developer PM me and we can arrange a skype will post the answers to my questions here. I would also like to discuss potentially shaking up some of the team. Don't worry. Your jobs are safe (mostly) but I feel there are some who are getting a little comfortable. Will not say who these are here.(you probably know who you are) Feel it's only fair that I voice my concerns to you first. Please do not worry, I will not make any decision till have spoken with you and me and the other investors have voted.
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