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Citadel.One Feature Overview: Quick Sign up

The Citadel.One comes with enough sign-up options for a majority of users. Let’s take a deep dive into Citadel.One’s signup offering in this article!

Step 1: Visit the Citadel.One homepage and click on “Platform” in the top right.

This will take you to the signup page, within which you would see the available options.

Citadel.One offers a plethora of options including email and Apple ID, but for the purpose of this article, we will sign up with Google.

So we click “Google.”

And we would be prompted to sign into our Google account. This step is 100% secure as the signin is handled by Google, and your details are safe.

Once you have imputed your email address and password, you have signed up for Citadel.One!

Signing up/in with Email

For users that would rather sign up with their email addresses, the process is equally as fast and easy on the Citadel.One platform. Here’s how to get it done.

First, visit the Citadel.One homepage. Then click on “Platform” in the top right.

You should see this:

In the box for “email”, input your email address. Note that you can use a VPN or Protonmail address while signing up if you’re privacy conscious. A guide on how to sign up for a Protonmail account will be published soon.

Once you have inputted your email address, click on “sign in”. You would then be prompted to search your email for a confirmation code.

You can input this code into the box to continue, or request a new code if you didn’t get the first one. Be sure to check the spam folder as well for any missed confirmation codes.

Once you confirm your address, you’d be asked to create a password.

If your email already exists in the system, it will ask for your password. If it doesn’t exist or you’re signing up for the first time, it would request that you create a password.

Make sure your password is strong enough before continuing.

Once you have done that, you ca...

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