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eDEV and GetGame Pre-ITO Special Offer


All participants in eDev.one and GetGame Initial Token Offering (ITO) who join with a minimum sponsorship of 3,000 USD (bitUSD) or the equivalent in real time value BTC per project receive a VIP package with their sponsorship package, including:

a lifetime membership LTM an OCASH debit card, free for one year Airbitz password protector access to OpenLedger Annual Travel insurance, with loyalty points and cashback program included 30% discount deducted from final unit price announced at end of ITO November 2017. OBITS, ICOO, BTS and bitCNY are accepted currencies as well as BTC and bitUSD, at the real time conversion rate of the day the funds have been received. We preserve the right to tell price in case speculation has changed price on the day. a special 5% additional discount is offered to all sponsorships when made in bitUSD

Offer ends: October 30th 2017

eDEV pre-ITO: 31.10.17

eDEV ITO: Feb. 2018

Offer ends: November 29th 2017

GetGame ITO: 30.11.17

What is Airbitz?

Use the Airbitz wallet to login to decentralized blockchain apps with the scan of a barcode. Private keys are instantly created, encrypted, and backed up. No words to write down, no files to save, no data to encrypt. It all happens automatically, magically.

What is OCASH?

The Official Payment Card of OpenLedger, OCASH is a suite of banking solutions in one place supported by OpenLedger with its fintech trading platform and crypto and fiat gateways. Coming soon, all sponsors qualified can sign up to have when ready.

Stage 1 – Direct withdrawal of bitUSD and OPEN.USD to payment card within minutes. Stage 2 – Instant withdrawal to cash or POS payments from bitUSD or OPEN.USD with 24/7 market support for instant conversion and trading of bitUSD on the markets OCASH, OPEN.BTC, OPEN.ETH, OPEN.DASH, BTS, EDEV, JOYY, ICOO, BTSR, APPX.WARRANT and OBITS and any other major crypto gateways supporte...
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