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This post outlines rules and provides links for /r/htmlcoin_community. Feel free to contribute and ask questions for assistance. This /r/htmlcoin_community is *not an official communication channel.*   **Rules** *No inappropriate comments / posts. *No spam. *Read latest official [blog post.](   **Helpful Links** [Official News]( [What is Htmlcoin?]( [Who is The Htmlcoin Foundation?]( [Htmlcoin Block Explorer]( [Htmlcoin White Paper]( [BitcoinTalk]( [Helpful Link Directory](   **Operating Htmlcoin** [Htmlcoin Desktop Wallet]( [Htmlcoin Open Source Repo]( [Mining]( [Staking]( [Exchanges] (   **Social Media** [Facebook Page]( [Facebook Group]( [Twitter]( [Telegram]( [LinkedIn]( [Korean Community]( [YouTube]( [Instagram](
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