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[UPDATE] AMA No. 30 DEV & Tech Questions Thread! Submit your questions here or on Youtube before the AMA on Thursday, September 12th @ 6PM UTC (2PM EST). AMA No. 30 w/ Matt Schutte, Eric Harris-Braun

Livestream will be broadcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrlHV...https://holo.host/Join us for our monthly AMA with the Holo Team! This month it's time for Technical & Dev questions!➡️Submit your Technical/Dev questions before the AMA on Sept 12th @ 6PM UTC (2PM EST) *Here are the latest updates from Holo:**HoloPort Video Update:* https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/status/1...*HoloPort Nano Update:* https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/status/1...https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/status/1...*Binance:* https://twitter.com/BinanceAmerica/st...*Latest Leadership Update:* https://twitter.com/H_O_L_O_/status/1...*Samsung included HOT to it’s blockchain wallet:*https://twitter.com/marycamacho/statu...*Latest Dev Pulse with the progress of Developments on Holochain:*https://twitter.com/holochain/status/...----------------*Follow us on Social Media to get the latest scoop of all Holo, HoloPorts and much more!*Holo website: holo.hostTwitter: twitter.com/h_o_l_o_Medium: medium.com/h-o-l-oIndiegogo crowdfunding campaign: igg.me/at/h-o-l-oFacebook: facebook.com/holohost/-------------*Learn More About Holo:**Post blockchain technology, value stable cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer hosting of scalable, distributed apps. Now is the time for popular access to an equitable, decentralized* *Holo is a distributed peer-to-peer hosting platform for Holochain apps (hApps); a bridge to the new Internet.*Hol...

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