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I'm specifically on this subreddit because I enjoy hearing news and engaging with people about *Holochain*. Since the recent *to tha moon* price boom this quiet sub has turned into a 90% Holo discussion board, and even more obnoxious is people just going on and on about price. Can we please get some moderation here? As far as I'm concerned, Holochain and Holo are completely separate projects and it's frustrating to have news and questions about Holochain drowned out by a bunch of weekend crypto traders asking "wHeN Is HolO GOinG to HiT $1?!?!" I really love this project and see huge potential in it. I know Holo is a sister project and helps with development, but this endless price speculation is really getting tiresome. Can we draw some more clear boundaries here? If you're too busy, make me a mod and I'll help out!
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