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One of the best articles I have read yet

Before we talk about HoloFuel and how unique it is, its properties and the way it will benefit society, first let’s understand what HoloFuel isn’t.

And I also feel the need to explain thoroughly what it is replacing and why people are rightfully skeptical about any digital currency.

HoloFuel is not Bitcoin or Blockchain

Less than 1% of people on earth own a cryptocurrency, and there are good reasons for this.

It’s highly volatile, prone to scams and theft and is often associated with set supplies, mining, high energy consumption it’s hard to understand and even if you think you do understand it, there are so many variables with fake websites, false news stories and other turnoffs that see it remain a niche product.

A classic example, while researching this article I found this Medium article arguing that Bitcoin is not a Ponzi scheme and it has an address of a cryptocurrency website on it, and guess what happens when you click on it?

The irony of someone defending cryptocurrency has this link on his medium article

Cryptocurrency often makes the news because of its wild volatile price swings, exchange thefts, criminal use and other negative connotations.

On that point though I should be fair to point out that there is far more crime committed with cash then there is with any cryptocurrencies.

And even if you did buy a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ripple or Ethereum and safely hold it you are then at mercy of the volatile cryptocurrency markets.

The problem with blockchain is 99.9% of these highly volatile cryptocurrencies have zero revenue, they bring in no money on their own and are reliant on other people buying them for you to realize a profit.

It‘s one big Ponzi scheme.

Most cryptocurrencies are Ponzi schemes with zero revenue If cryptocurrencies are ponzi’s how do they stay afloat and why do people still buy them?

Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a person or persons using the pseudonym Satosh...

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