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Is Holochain permissionless?

First, I am curious if Hosts can freely join the network or do they have to be accepted by someone? ---------------------------------------------- Second, In the Holo Currency White Paper I read the following: > An​ ​additional​ ​security​ ​measure​ ​to​ ​avoid​ ​Sybil​ ​accounts​ ​is​ ​that​ ​App​ ​Providers​ ​go​ ​through​ ​real world​ ​identity​ ​> verification​ ​when​ ​they​ ​sign​ ​their​ ​agreements​ ​for​ ​hosting​ ​apps​ ​on​ ​Holo.​ ​Also,​ ​hosts who​ ​wish​ ​to​ ​cash​ ​out​ ​any​ ​of​ ​ > their​ ​Holo​ ​through​ ​Reserve​ ​Accounts​ ​must​ ​share​ ​identification information.​ Is that identification/KYC thing for App Providers a permanent thing? Or does this maybe only concern the Apps running on Holos Hardware and when there is enough Hardware provided by "regular" users App Providers don't have to go through that permissioned system anymore?
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