IOEN Protocol v0.1 released

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IOEN Protocol v0.1: Hello, World!

It’s been three and a half years since our CTO Simon coined the phrase: “Internet of Energy” and envisioned open source software as the way to engage the world in addressing global warming. In March 2022, that vision arrived.

What Can I Do with This Version?

As you can see, we have given this a very small version number, although as it turns out, this version has quite a bit in it.

We are introducing you to a world of Suppliers and Consumers in a microgrid. The Suppliers can advertise their services, and the Consumers can choose to use that Service. A SupplyAgreement is created, the Service is delivered, and the Consumer pays for that Service.

Version 0.1 limits the Supplier to one, but we intend to add the ability to choose from multiple Suppliers. This means that the Consumer can craft up rules on when to use which Supplier, for example:

“Power my home using my solar panel first. If this is not enough right now, draw from my Tesla Powerwall. If I don’t have one yet, buy my energy from Solar Service Provider 1, who happens to be my next door neighbour at an agreeable price. If he cannot provide, or he has priced it high because he is saving energy, I can go to a community battery. If that doesn’t exist or it is recharging, go to the national grid.”

You can see that the decision points can fan out to offer many choices as different Suppliers in solar, wind, and other technologies come online.

As with every part of the IOEN architecture, there is a default set of choices which gives you a starting point that could be overridden. The default Agreement choices make up the microDAO. The overrides allow customisation down to the household (or even the device). And as our white paper hinted, there are many more “catalogues’’ to come.

But Wait, There’s More…

We are also making people aware of some great tools that come from the Holochain community, and which we are considering enriching as we go. These include:

A magical scaffolding tool, that lets you specify the various relationships between Suppliers, Consumers, and Bills and Invoices, and creates the configuration files and code to realise this. Currently the tool does not save this to modify at a future time, so we are looking at adding this functionality. A simple GUI creation tool. It is responsive, which means it will look good on a web page or a smartphone. This version includes the process from a Supplier perspective, and from the Consumer point of view, in the market for energy. Sounds Great, Where Can I Start to Play With It?

You can find us at This is the first public repository along this storyline. If you want to dive into the guts, you should learn the Rust programming language (voted most loved programming language on 2020 StackOverlflow for five years running). But you can also build on top with JavaScript or TypeScript. And more support is coming, such as C# for Unity developers.

You are at the very beginning, so documentation is limited, but we do plan to make this a rich environment via

You can join the conversation on our Discord server at #protocol-dev and #project-ideas.

About IOEN

IOEN is the next generation of digital energy management and optimisation. IOEN tech enables an interconnected system of virtual microgrids that facilitate transactions within and between local energy ecosystems: from the appliance level to energy generation, storage, and consumption.

We are the backbone of the new tokenised energy ecosystem, building out the global clean energy ecosystem wherever you are, device by device.

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