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HoloFuel Credit System

I read a great article from September 2018 that was posted on Twitter the other day called, "HoloFuel currency system design and modeling", and recommend that everyone read it if you haven't already. One section of it I'm still struggling to understand and that's the credit system and reserve system. Here's the portion I'm talking about: "A value-stable currency We define “value-stable” to mean that 1 unit of Holo Fuel always buys the median “basket” of hosting services available on the network. Using the shoe example above, we aim to keep the value of 1 token = 1 pair of shoes. The components of the median basket will change over time as new types of hosting products (e.g. GPUs) become available and the hosting capacity on the network evolves with new hosts, CPU upgrades, etc. This is akin to the shoe company continuing to honour the 1 token = 1 pair of shoes rule as they expand their range of shoes (e.g. boots) and as craftsmanship evolves. In this system Holo Fuel exchange rates with other currencies (e.g. USD, ETH) should reflect the value of the work being done by the network. As developer adoption spreads and more valuable applications are built on the Holochain, we expect Fuel exchange rates to increase. In the shoe company example, we would expect tokens to be more valuable as the perceived value of their shoe increases (e.g. brand, build quality), but not as the company develops additional production capacity to make more shoes. Critically, Holochain’s agent-centric nature allows us to manage all of this in a decentralised manner. Because the network knows each agent’s productive capacity the network is able to extend them credit and dynamically adjust it, allowing each user to create money backed by their productive capacity (i.e. backed by real wealth). This eliminates the need for any type of fiat authority, whether government-imposed (such as a central bank) or through consensus algorithms such as Proof-of-Work." My question is, how would Holochain...
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