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Holochain Dev Pulse – When Signup Goes Wrong

As I pored over the most recent dev updates, I struggled to find a cohesive story to share. There’s no one thing I can point to and say “See, this is what’s happened since the last Dev Pulse.” Just a lot of small updates. And then I realised — that is the message. Right now we’re making consistent, steady progress. Components are being optimised and rewritten, bugs are being found, core apps are seeing accelerated development. For those who would rather not read a tweet stream, here are the major points:

HPOS, the HoloPort operating system, has seen a version bump of Holochain that’ll make integration of all the upcoming improvements a lot faster. This has involved a bit of work updating the Holo hosting components — Chaperone/Envoy (the parts that connect the user to their chosen host) and the HoloPort/Holochain API. One of the upcoming improvements is a new proxy server, which is substantially faster than the previous one. The devs are currently working through a bug in which gossip is sometimes slower than before, and then it'll go to testing. Another improvement is a new database layer built on SQLite. It's is unoptimised and currently slower than the current one built on LMDB; our expectation is that it will enable optimisations that make it as fast or faster, as well as new Holochain features (such as sharding) that make the entire network more efficient. There are now low-level components that install hosted hApps onto HoloPorts (previously the hApps were hard-coded). DeepKey, our distributed public key infrastructure application, is in active development. It features the most complex validation code of any hApp we know of, and requires rigorous testing. So we’ve introduced a mocking framework that lets you unit-test any of your functions that use the host API. Elemental Chat’s registration process is getting support for joining codes, so we can open it up to the wider world of the web while maintaining a manageable number of alp...
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