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Holochain Dev Pulse Vol 63 – Improving the Holo Customer Experience


This week’s Dev Pulse is an update from the hAppy Team on how they have been improving the customer experience for HoloPort owners. Now that we are getting real-world experience from users, they are starting to redesign their processes to incorporate feedback, issues, pain points, and bug reports into how they get work done. As more apps launch on the network, internal teams will continue to connect the dots between what customers are experiencing, what Customer Service is hearing, what code is being written, and how issues are being resolved.

Highlights Fixing the Quickstart page How the hAppy team gets things done Moving forward Details

The hAppy Team has been working hard to improve Holo’s user experience. Part of the user’s journey involves interaction with Customer Service. Recently, many of us here at Holo (including the hAppy Team members) have been detailing our processes and how developers, customer service staff, internal teams, and end-users communicate and work together. We thought it would be beneficial to describe their work, telling you how the hAppy Team is contributing to an excellent support experience.

Fixing the QuickStart page

To get a sense of the hAppy Team’s involvement, let’s look at the HoloPort Quickstart page, the process you go through to get your HoloPort registered on the network. Because the site is not optimized for mobile, the hAppy Team wanted to prevent people from using a mobile device to register their HoloPorts. The page would recognize when users were running Quickstart on a mobile device and give them a clear message to continue only when using a PC or laptop.

The only problem was that the page did not have an effective test for mobile devices. Some PC users were flagged as mobile users and completely blocked from using Quickstart. Many of these people contacted Customer Service via Freshdesk because they were unable to proceed with registration. This issue was...

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