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Holochain Dev Pulse 71: Yes, The Nano Is Still On Its Way


This issue is specially for owners of Holoports of various flavours, because that’s where most of the news is this week!

We’ve heard a number of requests (okay, pleas) for updates on the HoloPort Nano. This little device promises to allow you to host hApps for others with a minimum of expense, so a lot of people were naturally excited about this. The lack of updates has caused concern, though, so I’m going to share a glimpse of what’s holding up the Nano.

There’s also been a small release for hosts—now you can reset your HoloPorts without a monitor and keyboard. This procedure will help in those instances where HoloPorts fail to register and will also be useful for future testing purposes.

Highlights What’s happening with the HoloPort Nano? HoloPort release with USB Reset tool Watch for a new Holochain release soon What’s happening with the HoloPort Nano?

HoloPort Nano: the promise of an inexpensive, low-power, plug-and-play device that lets you help power a distributed hosting cloud. Many of you were intrigued by that promise and pre-purchased a Nano. We’ve heard that you’re concerned by the lack of updates—you might be wondering, is it all promise and no reality? Does this thing even exist?

Initially this was a matter of “good news is just around the corner; we’ll wait until then”, but a few setbacks interrupted that plan. Here’s what happened:

We rolled out HoloPort shipments in stages. This was meant to stress-test our customer service department gently as we moved from development into delivery. (In retrospect this was a good idea; we’ve learned a lot along the way without overwhelming our support crew—well, not too much.) The Nano’s operating system was working on our prototype devices, so we sent off the final master to our hardware partner. They were having trouble getting it to operate on the production units, though, so we were debugging with them just as Chinese New Year arrived....
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