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Holo Today – A Reset for Focus & Delivery

A Reset for Focus & Delivery

Leadership & Org Update 17

Holo is a startup, a community, in part, an open source project, and we are inspiring a movement for change. Today we are sharing about changes we are making to both drive our operations with focus and to deliver on our mission of creating a truly distributed Internet.

As we approached our sprint to year-end and shipping HoloPorts, our executive team pulled together into a process of reflection and accountability. While evaluating our progress relative to original external promises and operational robustness, we saw that we needed to rethink our structure. We were clear to not do so would be to risk failure on our original vision.

The decisions we made were important for ensuring two things: 1) that we responsibly and effectively manage our organization’s burn rate to reach our Beta release and beyond and 2) that we enable a laser focus on delivering product and catalysing the initial apps that will run on Holo when we launch Beta. Apart from decreasing expenses, this reset called for a reduction in the size of our team. Twenty out of 58 team members have left Holo this past month. This was a painful change we did not take lightly. We are parting with friends and talented professionals that brought us this far, and we want to publicly express our gratitude to each and every one of them.

For the community members and supporters following our progress up close, this communication may feel untimely, given the recent shipment of HoloPorts, the engagement in closed Alpha testing, and an experience of our team beginning to deliver releases and provide direct support every day. But we’ve realized that we needed to shift even further into new patterns that will make us a more nimble and effective delivery organization. For example, we have enabled a new customer facing team that is responsible both for facilitating the regular release-based flows of information to our ...

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