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GitHub: Rust-in-Blockchain/RiB-Newsletter – 8–Jan–2020. Holochain is now part of Rust in Blockchain

RiB Newsletter #8 - Looking Forward to 2020

#8 - Jan 2020

Welcome to the #8 edition of Rust in Blockchain, the hypest newsletter about the hypest tech. Previous: #7.

This month — even with the holidays and world events — saw strong momentum in the big Rust blockchain projects: Solana is moving toward two new testnets, one of which is expected to evolve into their mainnet; Zcash has been blogging technical details about their Rust implementation, Zebra; Nervos has initiated a grants program to solicit advancements to its platform from the community; COMIT and NEAR are maintaining a rapid development velocity; and Parity as always has so much going on its hard to summarize.

There are multiple hackathons coming up, which several of our projects are involved in (see "Events" below). There are new job openings ("Careers"), and multiple grants programs. Lots of opportunities to get involved with Rust blockchain development lately.

We're continuing to see interesting developments involving WebAssembly, having learned about Spacemesh's new VM recently. With all the attention given by blockchain projects to WASM, we're thinking of adding more WASM-specific coverage in the future. Please let us know your thoughts, and send us links to interesting Rust+WASM projects / content that might be of interest to fellow blockchain developers.

The Rust in Blockchain Telegram group group has seen more activity recently, and this month's newsletter received the most contributions of any yet. As a result, this issue begins coverage of CodeChain and Holochain. We are super grateful for all the tips, news, project links, job postings, event notices and general conversation. Big thanks to all involved.

Finally, there have been some updates recently to the awesome-blockchain-rust project that collects notable Rust blockchain links. Contributions welcome.

Wow, 2019 was a great year for blockchain Rust, and we're only becoming more excited f...

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