The Rorih Report: OptiSwap progress & upgrades, and the HOGEVault rebrandening of the century.

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self.hoge1m ago
Alright dingos and gerbils, listen up, it's time for the first and only Rorih Report. Just wanted to provide some updates on the various HOGE-related things on my radar. # It took a few "gentle" "reminders" from u/JerseyRacks that my mobile support was non-existent. I don't think people should do crypto on their phones. But apparently they do. So I fixed that up by incorporating WalletConnect, meaning it should work in a more standardized way with your cellular telephones. In its first month OptiSwap processed over $250,000 in volume, which is an exciting milestone and almost a break-even on development efforts. At $1m I'd like to do a HOGE giveaway event. Just for fun I also added [support for Kishu Inu]( If anyone has ties to that community, cross-promotion would be awesome! Finally, did you know that OptiSwap has a built-in logging system that updates you in real time about reflections you receive from HOGE transfers? [Here's what that looks like.]( # HOGEVault While OptiSwap just makes UniSwap a little more tolerable, [HOGEVault]( is a real paradigm shift offering more significant savings. And more importantly, from a grand strategy standpoint, it has potential to counteract the natural pump-n-dump tendencies of the UniSwap V2 pool by opening cheap arbitrage opportunities. A few people used the proof-of-concept that I put out in March, but I took it down soon after to regroup with a better strategy. The lessons of OptiSwap were to 1. Get a designer for the UI 2. Write the smart contracts as token-generic. 3. Provide the product to the wider space. So, what happened to HOGEVault? >***HOGEVault is rebranding to, with a completely overhauled UI befitting a true peer-to-peer DeX.*** [CHECK OUT A SNEAK PEAK HERE!]( It will be sister service to OptiSwap, allowing trustless over-the-counter trades tailored for tax-on-transfer tokens. I've got some talented folx helping me carry this one to fruition. I think you'll see a release announcement in the next couple weeks. # HOGE Contract Reinclusions have remained a high priority for me, and with the new leadership group we've been able to make some concrete progress toward getting those last few tricky ones done. I can't give any promises or timelines because of the coordination required between many individuals, but just wanted to reaffirm that this is being worked on. Maybe we'll get it done before ETH 2 comes out. ​ I think that's everything on my end. Hit me with questions if you have 'em.