🔔 Hoge Finance Ecosystem Bylaws - Consultation Phase 🔔

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self.hoge1m ago
Good evening community members of Hoge Finance! A few days ago, we posted a first draft the Ecosystem Bylaws. Those Bylaws will exist to set ground rules for partnerships between Hoge Finance and any project willing to join our Ecosystem, including management, inclusion, integration and exclusion. It is a very important document, and a number of community members actually reached out and wondered if comments, suggestions and changes could be considered. This is what a community project is all about, everyone being able to be involved, and receiving constructive feedback from various sources. We want to be as inclusive as possible and as practical as possible and to listen to the community and act upon sound ideas and proposals. With that in mind, we have implemented a slight change of plan and halted the vote and are considering the views and thoughts that are coming in on the Ecosystem Bylaws. Rest assured, the final document will be much better than the original draft with your valued participation. There will now be a period of 7 days for consultation and following that, we will republish the updated bylaws and go back to vote this time next week [**HERE**](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VMrNkeRKhz8xULDUxvWMF6a5pvbE0LUdIhQWSxzZbLo/edit) **is a Google Document containing the Ecosystem Bylaws. Anyone in the community can comment as long as they can access Google Docs. You are also more than welcome to comment in the comment section of Reddit as well.** Thank you for your help! \- QUICK UPDATES - ▶️ Please read [Rorih's Report](https://www.reddit.com/r/hoge/comments/uw7wgr/the_rorih_report_optiswap_progress_upgrades_and/) regarding the progress and upgrades on Optiswap. Walletconnect was integrated to facilitate access with cellphones. In its first month, OptiSwap processed over $250,000 in volume, which is an exciting milestone and almost a break-even on development efforts. Also, OptiSwap has a built-in logging system that updates you in real time about reflections you receive from HOGE transfers. ▶️ We are looking for reliable members that would be willing to help us refresh the website. The new version is being worked on, but we need more contribution. Please reach out if you have experience, ideas, and passion. ▶️ The Land of Hoge in NFTWorld land idealisation and building has started. Phase 1 will be having the land built. Phase 2 will be adding the game mechanics to the land. Any ideas or anyone looking to build reach out to Hoge Marketing (Jerseyracks). ▶️ Hoge has reached out to Ziglu, a UK based crypto investment app. Ziglu has also just been acquired by Robinhood, and they are rebranding to RobinhoodUK. Bullish Max is asking everyone to help make a social media push to get on their app as it will open a lot of doors. The CEO of Ziglu has liked multiple tweets about Hoge as well. ▶️ An [article](https://www.reddit.com/r/hoge/comments/ut24wc/should_this_concern_us/) was recently posted mentioning Hoge, which could have been perceived as a little bit of FUD. The community responded extremely well. Hats off to you!