Markets are bleeding and there’s blood in the streets are you going to just stand there and bleed...... — Hive

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Markets are bleeding and there's blood in the streets are you going to just stand there and bleed or are you going to cumulate and accumulate. Corrections, Dips and just an over all market that is not cooperating isn't always a negative thing for those of us who frequent the HIVE BLOCKCHAIN. Many times I have seen flocks of posts being created when the HIVE USD Value is high and on the flip side of that I have seen Content Creators vanish from the HIVE BLOCKCHAIN when the HIVE USD VALUE is low. This is a counterproductive mindset and here is why. When the price of HIVE is high it is harder to accumulate HIVE as curators will adjust their upvote to the USD value in which their upvote gives. For example not that long ago one HIVE was equal to one USD. This means if a whale was giving $1USD upvotes to your content that would be a gross amount of One Hive Token. With the price sub 50 cents per HIVE that same $1USD upvote adjustment will have your post grossing over TWO HIVE TOKENS. If a reader of your blog gives you max upvotes the amount of HIVE you earn from said upvote stays the same regardless of the USD displayed for said upvote. So don't get discouraged by the price, in fact if your main source of collecting HIVE Tokens is content creation don't worry about the USD price of HIVE at all. Simply keep on with keeping on and collecting as many HIVE Tokens as you can because there is an immense amount of potential on this blockchain and when the rest of the world manages to figure that out you are going to want to have as much of the HIVE TOKEN as you possibly can. Have you created a recent HIVE POST? If so, after leaving a comment with some substance share your link and I'll give it a visit and a read (Hopefully others will do the same). Images Source:

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