General questions about Hex and pulsechain

self.HEXcrypto2m ago
Greetings fellow Hexicans, I have some questions regarding hex and pulsechain. Certain things about this topic confuse me. i will list them seperate, if anyone could help me, maybe they can also help others to clarify things.. Is PulseX, Pulse(PLS) and pHex the same? If you buy hex as of now 13 april 2022, will you still get a copy on pulsechain? Will you get a copy on pulsechain if you have staked Hex? Once PLS is out, can you swap hex for PLS and is it benefitial? Is having both hex and pHex a good idea? Why would people prefer to hold only Hex over pHex or other way around? (different from previous question) What will happen to Hex in the future if pHex is online? What will the difference be between staking original hex vs staking pHex?