Which antenna should I get?

self.HeliumNetwork7m ago
Hi guys, I am looking into taking my setup outside. My miner name is Quick Bamboo Finch and I am situated in the EU. I want to mount my miner and an antenna to the top of my roof. From here it will have a pretty clear line of sight of the surrounding area, which is pretty flat. There are some very sparse trees in the area which are a bit higher than the antenna will be, but I think overall it will be a pretty high point in the area. I was wondering what dbi antenna I could best use, a high dbi to maybe reach the surrounding cities which are a bit further away or a low dbi to reach the miners in my own town. Also taking into consideration the max for EU miners. I heard that over 4dbi the miner will limit transmit power, but a high gain antenna might still improve witnessing. I have read the big post regarding antennas, but there are so many variables influencing it that I am not sure what the best option would be. I was thinking of doing a 5.8dbi antenna, but let me know what you guys think! Thanks in advance for any help!