Transfer hotspot to new owner help

self.HeliumNetwork1m ago
I've been following the steps on this doc [\~:text=Navigate%20to%20the%20Hotspot%20to,want%20to%20transfer%20the%20Hotspot](,want%20to%20transfer%20the%20Hotspot). but I've run into trouble. Once I determined I was transferring my miner, about a week ago, I unplugged it and boxed it to get it ready to ship. When I got to this step i could not proceed to transfer. ### What if the activity check reveals the Hotspot hasn’t done anything recently? **You won’t be able to transfer the Hotspot.** Why? and what can I do now? the miner is in the post on the way to the new owner. How can I allow them to be able to use it if I can't transfer ownership nor meet this condition?