so what happens if bobcat sent me a brick?

self.HeliumNetwork1m ago
I've done everything software wise, even reset my router and modem to factory settings. I've moved it around. I've hardwired and WiFid. 44158 is open. I'm at the peak of my neighborhood w excellent visibility facing plenty of devices. I've confirmed my DHCP address matches the forwarding. My antenna is firmly finger tight w no wiggle. No screens or double panes. I've synced resynced fast synced waited days. I've peeked through the side and the wire from antenna appears secure at connections (though looks like slightly diff placement of ports on newest shipment). Nat none, light green, good gap, not symmetrical, open open, not relayed, but just forever syncing in explorer and zero witnesses. I don't know what else to do other than open it up, which will void the "warranty" What do? Edit - just constructed a challenge, challenged a beacon, and got a .005 reward. Again no witnesses. Isn't this the event that gets witnessed?