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Problem with Port Forwarding and Dynamic IP

Hello everyone. I am not sure how common is this problem, but I found no solutions searching the internet. I own a Kerlink Light Miner that is connected to my internet modem by Ethernet cable. I have created a fixed internal IP for the Miner and I have opened port 44158 as explained in [this great video]( However, for reasons I do not understand, every time my internet provider changes my public IP address my miner becomes offline for the Helium network and Port 44158 changes to closed. In my modem settings Port 44158 remains open. The only solution I have found so far is to delete the Port Forwarding settings from my modem, and create a new Port Forwarding exactly like the previous one. It is an instant fix. However, it is a big headache because it is a manual fix and my miner can stay offline for days if I don't check it often. It also seems so dumb because I don't actually change any setting, I just delete and create the same port forwarding setting. Anyway, has anyone been through this, too? Is there any simple fix I am missing? Thank you!
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