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HNT · 1w

No Witnesses ever...

Hi All, After waiting 8 months for my Nebra Outdoor, I've had nothing but issues, when I setup the miner using the helium app the errored at the location setup and advised to try again later, but because it started the process I had 1/2 a miner setup. The device listed it self as null, null, 2dBi, 0m, nebra when I looked at the name. I have since then paid HNT to sort out the location and, antenna and height. (Warm Plum Tarantula) The looks to be setup up correctly and is not relayed, but now I've had the device for a month and I have to witness a challenge and I have no witnesses at all to my beacons. I have tried 3 dBi and 8dBi antennas and even check the pigtail to make sure that it was connected correctly to radio card. I have tried the unit in my front bedroom, loft and finally mounted to the apex of my house. So far nothing since I mounted to the apex. Is my unit broken or is there sosmething else I can try?
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