Is My Miner Blocked/Blacklisted?

self.HeliumNetwork1m ago
I have a miner at my house and got a 2nd miner to install at a friend's house. When I received the 2nd miner, I plugged it in at my house to keep it up-to-date and synced with the blockchain (prior to the light hotspot cutover). It would witness my miner and I actually got rewards a couple of times initially, but then it started failing due to the RSSI being too high. This happened several times over the course of about 3 weeks while I was coordinating with my friend the best day to take it to his house and install it. [Hotspot at my house]( [My hotspot at my friend's house]( [Nearby friend's hotspot at his house]( Now I have another friend that lives in a nearby hex who is broadcasting beacons and having them witnessed by other hotspots, and who is witnessing other beacons that are further away than my miner, while my miner is broadcasting with 0 witnesses and hasn't witnessed any others. The placement at this address was strategic because it would theoretically be mutually beneficial to myself and my other friend who lives nearby but they haven't communicated at all yet. They are both MNTD/Rak hotspots with the same stock antenna attached at the moment, though I may upgrade the antenna in the future. Is my miner blocked/blacklisted or is there a specific method to have this investigated by the Helium team/Nova Labs? Obviously things are still being sorted out now after the light hotspot conversion, but I would think in the minimal activity that the hotspot at my friend's house has had, it would have witnessed at least one beacon or had one of its broadcasted beacons witnessed. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!