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Ideal indoor antenna position and replugin at other spot in the house

I have just set up a Bobcat 300 with original 4dBi antenna. Its up and running since today and already earning HNT. Yayyy! I have read the dos and dont's about what may block an antenna due to wrong positioning. So no need for basics. Nothing of that is given in my appartment. I would like to raise the question about finding the ideal indoor position. What should I see or not see outside? On one side of our building, where the antenna is at now (1m above ground), there is the opposite 4 level building, 15m away. Same distance on opposite side of my building. On the front side there is also a simillar building, but as its facing downhill a bit, its less high, plus its further away. Also, left and right that side would rather be open area facing downhill. But I am not sure how much this (downhill) is really helpful for a 4dBi antenna. More criteria I should consider? And my other question is, what is the effect if I replug the miner 10 m away from my current position. Reconnection delay? If yes, how long? Will I get the 10 USD charge for repositioning or is that distance still ok? Other issues I may encounter or need to take into consideration? Any answer is highly appreciated.
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