Helium Network honored as one of Fast Company's World Changing Ideas 2022 🎈

fastcompany.com2m ago

Artificial Product Suite, Artificial Atma.io, Avery Dennison Smartrac Benchling, Benchling Checkr Expungements, Checkr FloorFound Recommerce, FloorFound Global Access to Clinical Trials, Medable Helpen, Helpen Integrated ESG Reporting, Workiva Nonprofit Investment Platform, Infinite Giving SnowIQ, EastBanc Technologies UrbanFootprint, UrbanFootprint Workforce Management Platform, Legion Technologies

Honorable Mentions

ClimateScout, CallisonRTKL Digital twins for medical device manufacturing, Siemens Diligent ESG, Diligent ESG & Sustainability Cloud, OneTrust Flexible Capabilities, Casebook GumboNet ESG, Data Gumbo The Helium Network, Nova Labs Indigenous Languages Inclusion, Motorola Mobility Manifest work-instruction platform, Taqtile Mission Management Tool, Geosite ML & AI algorithms for neural implant insertion, Intetics NXTLAB, Gauge nZero, nZero Pipeline, Pipeline REvolution IoT, Radix IoT and REIG Social Impact Software, WeSpire SolarAPP+, Accela and the National Renewable Energy Lab Template to Support Regulatory Compliance, Ansys