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What Am I Missing About NFT's?

Why is there so much hostility from the HBAR community toward people who feel skepticism/doubt about the future of NFT's, but who are still enthusiastic about other applications of Hedara? It's almost like you're not allowed to question it. I understand I am old and nobody wants to hear this, but I remember when Second Life was on the cover of magazines and people were raving about the future of owning digital assets. People were getting into selling digital real estate in Second Life, and other digital goods. I remember a former boss telling me I had to sign up and that it was a massive disruptive technology that would change the world, that all the classrooms and businesses of the future would be on Second Life and avatars would be going to school and doing business together. Years later, Second Life has 1 million users on a planet of 7 billion people. It fell very far short of its expected reach and societal impact. I have watched the videos on NFT's and I understand there may be some lucrative niche markets in gaming, digital art, etc, but it really feels like the same thing to me. I don't get it. Are there really that many people with disposable incomes to own digitally created items for thousands of dollars? In an era where people go to great lengths to pirate music, movies, games and software in the digital space? Maybe I have generational blindness, but this doesn't seem like a revolutionary new thing to me. And maybe I don't understand younger generations, but I just don't see the bulk of young people who don't want to pay more than a couple dollars for an app who are going to shell out a lot of money for something that doesn't have a specific use or isn't something they can easily show off to others. I know there are people with massive fortunes who can pay thousands of dollars for a gif or a tweet, but really...how many people are there like that in the world? Is there actually an organic demand fueling this or is this largely a market th...
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