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Uphold says HBAR will be upgraded to Tier 3 this month

I just had a support issue with Uphold and asked when I can transfer my Uphold purchased HBAR to a cold storage wallet and I got this in the reply.. " We're working on additional Tier 4 cryptocurrencies to be listed on your dashboard soon. In fact, **HBAR is planned to be moved to Tier 3 this month**. Be sure to follow our social media channels for when this is an official update! [**http://facebook.com/upholdinc**](http://facebook.com/upholdinc) [**http://twitter.com/upholdinc**](http://twitter.com/upholdinc) " This is a small item, but important for those of us with our HBAR currently "trapped" on Uphold. If you are not familiar with what "Tier 3" means - here's their explanation page. [https://uphold.com/en/transparency](https://uphold.com/en/transparency)
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