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Twitter Spaces Event: WallStreetBets and Balancer on the worldwide launch of Exchange Traded Portfolios

Join 3 powerhouses of finance on a moderated discussion about the global launch of WSBDApp Exchange Traded Portfolios — empowering the original WallStreetBets movement with a decentralized trading interface that breaks all past borders and boundaries that Wall Street relied on to restrict market opportunity. **Market topics include:** Inflation Hedging, Crypto Price Action and Regulation, El Salvador Crypto Adoption, China and Evergrande. **Time and Place:** [**Set Reminder on Twitter Spaces**](https://twitter.com/WSBDapp/status/1445482918369894401) **Co-Hosts:** [**Jaime Rogozinski**](https://twitter.com/wallstreetbets) (Founder, WSB / Strategic Advisor, WSB DApp) [**Fernando Martinelli**](https://twitter.com/fcmartinelli?lang=en) (Co-Founder and CEO, Balancer Labs) Moderated by [**Fran Strajnar**](https://twitter.com/Techemist)**,** CEO Techemy.capital **Key topics:** * **Decentralized ETPs vs Traditional ETFs** — what’s the point in a decentralized mechanism for trading baskets of assets? * **The WSBDApp DAO and Governance Mechanisms** — how does it work, what are the results so far, and what does it point to for the future of the WSB token, savvy traders, and average stock market investors? * **Balancer’s role in the Exchange Traded Portfolio interface** — what took so long, what’s the technical innovation, and what is the real roadmap to reduce gas and processing fees? **Bio’s** **Fernando Martinelli** – CEO of Balancer Labs and Co-Founder of Balancer Protocol. Fernando started founding companies and got involved in cryptocurrency in early 2013. When Ethereum was released, Fernando was intrigued with the idea of smart contracts and stablecoins, which led him to get involved very early on with the MakerDAO team. At MakerDao, Fernando collaborated with Mike McDonald, who is Balancer Labs’ CTO and co-founder. **Jaime Rogozinski** \- Jaime founded WallStreetBets in 2012--a large online community that yields a commanding presence in the world of finance. ...
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