The HeadStarter Journey

self.Hedera1m ago
**All systems are go** Hello fellow Hbarbarians! The time for us to unravel our dApp is drawing closer. That’s why we’re excited to share our journey with you. Get ready for the next step in Hedera’s ecosystem growth and check out our genesis blog here: [“Hello Future together with HeadStarter”]( In order to get to know us better, I thought I’d also share a little HeadStarter history about how we got here and what we have accomplished along the way. **Inception** As early Hedera community members and builders, we’ve been looking for ways to continue building up the Hedera ecosystem. September 2021 marked the birth of HeadStarter, the Launchpad and Accelerator of the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem. We couldn’t have been more flattered by the keen interest and plaudits for our project (only a concept at that time) at the Agora Blockchain summit, where we won [first runner up](  in a contest judged by a set of expert VC investors. At our next big event, we featured [alongside Hedera]( at the AIBC Summit in Dubai, where we were humbled by the welcoming reception from the Hbarbarian fam and from other crypto projects that were excited to learn about the growth in adoption of the Hedera DLT. The event was the perfect stage to [showcase our vision]( and achievements to the world. We also hit the presses and made sure we gave the right recognition to our community ([Crypto Potato](, [Yahoo Finance]( **BuiDLing** From the beginning, we’ve been working behind the scenes with one clear goal in mind; releasing a secure and reliable launchpad that pushes the boundaries of crowdfunding and pioneers IDO’s in the Hedera Ecosystem. Starting from scratch, we needed to build a supporting infrastructural framework, which is what led to our open-sourced [Strato JS SDK]( library, a [recognised]( tool for streamlining the process of building on Hedera. **Hedera22 Hackathon** As a pledge to our unwavering commitment towards empowering the community, we are proud sponsors of the Community Support challenge at the Hedera22 Hackathon, offering a bounty worth $5000 to talented individuals or teams that have brought the Hedera ecosystem one step closer to further adoption. The winners have yet to be announced, but we have received a flattering amount of interest and applications, some of which might lead to future collaborations.