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The Coupon Bureau: "For 2022 we are working to support a coalition of large CPGs in their efforts to softlaunch in national retailers in Q1 and nationally in Q3. Retailer integrations to support this are underway."

Found a little nug of hopium in the couch cushions. It was at the very end of the most recent TCB blog post wrapping up 2021 progress. Notice that this is a coalition of large brands pushing retailers. There is real money (self-interested large brands) and intention behind this effort - so this push to use Hedera - has really nothing to do with Hedera. Q1 soft launch - Q3 national. Q1 ends March 31st. Translation: In the next 2.5 months, we should see a national retailer (like Walmart) begin using the new coupon standard in a limited way. Maybe they'll try a few pilot stores. Then, using that to address any potential issues, they'll roll it out nationally in Q3. Just goes to show you just how slow enterprise moves... The quote is the last sentence of this blog post:
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