Something interesting (to me) was happening with 0.0.800 on 5/5/22

self.Hedera1m ago
I like to look at 0.0.800 periodically, as it is the account that staking rewards will be paid from. Today I noticed that on 5/5/22 it received 38 small transfers of 10,000 tħ each in just under 6 minutes. Each of these transactions came from the same account. Account 0.0.890589. These transactions appear to be part of a larger automated process, perhaps one that was in the testing phase. Further exploration of 0.0.890589 shows **other** transactions that also appear to be part of an automated process, for the same amount less the 10,000 tħ that were going to 0.0.800. These transactions commence right after the transactions that were allocating the tħ end. Account 0.0.890589 only contains (and contained) a very small amount of Hbar. It was funded by 0.0.890688 which also only contains a small amount of Hbar. 0.0.890688 was funded by 0.0.16953, an OG 5 digit account. 0.0.16953 contains 39,589,960 Hbar and has had a total of 701,284 transactions, 16,332 in the last 30 days. Interesting is it not?