How much risk in Sharding rollout?

self.Hedera1m ago
When the time eventually comes to when sharding is necessary, does anyone know if it will be an easy implementation that has a very high probability of successful implementation? I imagine Leemon has already figured it all out, but scaling a network without giving up speed and security hasn’t seemed to be accomplished by any DLT yet, so it seems like this wouldn’t be something easy to do. I know nothing is a guarantee, but is it basically a “given” that the Hedera network will have successful sharding implementation? On a side note, I’ve noticed that Leemon/ Mance have said multiple times over a year now that the they haven’t taken the throttle off in today’s state because it hasn’t yet been a priority. Mance reiterated this in an interview recently. With AD and the coupon bureau close to launching I would have thought this would be switched soon. As I can’t really see too many other risks for hbar, I’m just trying to get a feel of how much risk there is left for scaling the network.