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HBAR Foundation Hackathon

Do you want to see [HBAR Foundation](https://hbarfoundation.org/) set up an ongoing global hackathon to move the needle in a big way?? Then, remember to 🔺;) For inspiration on hackathon UX, I've found [Gitcoin Hackathons](https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/casper/prizes/?) (random project) is a pretty well thought out system. Have another in mind? Please share your ideas and examples! Would be epic if we had a hackathon system built on Hedera (similar to the NFT auction) in a way that automatically distributed HBAR to the winners of the hackathon. Ongoing hackathons would give people/companies better visibility into the priorities of the [HBAR Foundation](https://hbarfoundation.org/), show engagement, and may help define how some of the HBAR funds would be distributed. Edit: 1. Reformatted \^ 2. Added 🔺(since we were getting so many votes but few 🔺) [View Poll](https://www.reddit.com/poll/q27dyh)
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