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HBAR demand through use cases of council members - BUT HOW?

Hello Guys, as I'm following the great videos and top announcements hedera is doing, i'm asking myself, how the shown use cases of the council members are affecting on the demand / price of HBAR. Maybe some of you knows how the process works - for example: I'm a big company, a council member and i want to launch a new product using HBAR. For my Use Case / network i need 1 Mio. HBAR. Do I have to buy these HBAR on exchanges? If I'm using a private network, then also? or is there a private sale of the HBAR's I need in my private network? What do think in general? is this the only way the price of HBAR gets affected (besides hype and price pumping)? or is there another factor driving the demand and so the price of hbar?
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