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Habr Value increase question.

So Doing MY own research I'm 99.9% sure this is not how market cap and coin supply works but wanted to get your guys input. Original comments below from CC sub where someone posted this. Thanks in advance :) "According to Bityard HBAR has a circulating supply of 18,287,755,431 and a max supply of 50,000,000,000, making it extremely inflationary. Additionally, HBARs governance council is the very multimillion dollar corporations that allegedly use it. They intentionally set the transaction price to a fixed minuscule amount and intend to hold it there. So serious question, centralization aside, why would anyone invest in it when it’s practically impossible to increase in price? Even for a very long term hold. At 50 billion tokens it would need to become the most valuable company in the history of the world for it to even rise to anything worthy of retail investment."  When asked to Futher explain the maths, he responded with this :  "Sure. Here’s HBAR’s page on Coinmarket cap. You divide the fully diluted market cap by the max supply. In the case of HBAR this comes out to $3.54, the Fully Diluted Value (FDV). This means that once all of the coins/tokens are circulating (theoretically 2035) this will likely be your market price per coin, based on current market cap. HBAR has their transaction price fixed at $0.0001. So unlike Ethereum for example, costly transactions will not include a rise in price for HBAR. Worse, USD is currently inflating at a rate of ~7%, which means HBARs transactions are decreasing in value, lessening any meager price action that would have, due to transaction costs. Let’s say you don’t believe me and you want to get your information from an HBAR believer. Dany Eid contends that full adoption (50b) coupled with the theoretical limit of 1M TPS, would incur a token price increase of $2.59/shard X 20 shards (to reach 1M TPS). If you believe this magical thinking, then add those numbers to the fully diluted market value. This culminates in a...
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