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"easy" Hedera idea, HBARCADE

I know absolutely no programming, so I can't do this idea myself, but here's the idea I got from the experience of 'making an account' on Gomint. (an hbar nft platform) Hbarcade- a website where people can upload 'pay per play' games like a user-made arcade. The tokens are hbar and since you can send a 1/100th of a cent, the games can be very close to free to play while supporting the creator through playing the game itself. Creators get to pick their price and if the website had ads, it would just be to pay for the website hosting. I don't think players should be able to earn money through the site, as not everything has to be a hussle or a grind. Using cryptocurrency to make fun games and help creators rather than creating crypto cash-cows to me seems like a more wholesome use of incredible technology. \*cough cough eth sol sough cough\* I would love for comments or criticism! Thanks for reading!
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