Been high on Hedera since I've done my research on hashgraph technology. With that being said what are some of your favorite NFTs on Hedera?

self.Hedera1m ago
The HBAR foundation recently announced that they’re supporting Hash Axis. The HBAR Foundation funding to Hash Axis will lower the barrier to entry for Hedera NFT generation and collecting. The Hash Axis marketplace is entirely dedicated to Hedera NFTs. With the help of the HBAR Foundation, the launch of Hash Axis on the Hedera Network will attract additional users to the Hedera ecosystem. This got me pretty ecstatic to start collecting some NFTs on HBAR. So I’d like everyone to shill me some of their favorite artwork on Hedera. I don’t care if it’s going to make me money or not. I just want to collect some cool artwork on my new favorite chain. I truly believe Hedera is the future of the blockchain technology wise and that the HBAR foundation is working tirelessly to make that a reality. It got me thinking, why the hell would I ever want to own NFT on a chain that’s not as secure as Hedera and one without Hashgraph technology? It seems Ludacris to think about. I’m mostly a fan of things like baby barbarians and incredibly dark artwork. I’d like it to be either as cute as possible or dark as possible but I’m open to anything. Curious to see what you come up with.