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What really could influence the price action of the Hbar

Supply and demand is the basic idea that always comes into play when you are looking at price and price fluctuations but what controls supply and what controls demand? A good list of what can, will or does control those two points would be of interest. Here is mine and an explanation of each. 1. There will only ever be 50 billion. 2. Coins are the only way the average Joe can own a piece of Hedera. 3. Some percentage of "circulating coins" will never be in circulation as they will be held for staking. 4. Velocity of the coins being used to run the network. How quickly do they go from: On the market to bought by a platform user to Hedera's treasury and then back on the market. 5. Pure speculation. 6. Other companies using Hbar for something other than running the network. **#1** is spread out over years [(page 14 &15 of this doc.)](https://hedera.com/hh-hbar-coin-economics-paper-060320-v6.pdf) So in 3.5 years 17 billion or 34% of the coins will be distributed. I think by then the crypto dust will have settled so I think that is a good number to work with. **#2** I think this is going to be much bigger than the current crypto market. I am thinking 100 to 1000 times bigger than the current market. Crypto is just opening up to the non adventurous investor. I would think that conservative mutual funds would find Hedera quite alluring. It would be easy to sell to their clientele as having been thoroughly vetted and researched. I would think that they would invest 10% of their portfolio into crypto and carry maybe 5 cryptos. So say 2% of a fund goes to Hbars. As an example Vanguard's ["Total Stock Market Fund"](https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/fund/vtsax) has a market cap of 300+ billion 2% of that is 6 billion. OK, maybe these numbers are too aggressive. But that is just one fund. As an aside, regulating crypto will make it more likely that these kind of funds will invest so even though regulation may not align with your own ideals of what crypto...
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whales are buying

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Eat up lads

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