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Was gonna stop buying at 100k hbars, But i just cant stop buying more after my research

Im doing research and check the latest hedera news everyday and im just doing the math all the time about the worst case scenarios and best case scenarios and in conclusion everytime is that its impossible with hedera going down from this posistion in 3-5 year scope range. just simply 99.9% it wont, cause the only way it goes down from today is if it goes to 0 and fail and gets removed, but with all the secure partners, and the technology, just not gonna happen its still in its baby form, has low exposure, all the normies still dont know this exists, all council members thats already onboard are really respected, and its only 21 of 39 yet, hedera has a strong argument with all the members thats already onboard, to show other potential members that its trusted, i believe the next 18 members is gonna keep being leading companies in their sector. increasing the trust and security. Already news are coming out every week thats exiting, imagine when hedera is all over the news and trending and normies type "what is hedera" on google. yeah. i believe it will enter a point cause hedera's foundation is so solid, news is just gonna pump out day after day, cause it will get hyper adopted, from the high of CBDC's to parking tickets. it becomes normal and hedera is mainstream cause it has the foundation to sustain trust and investments from such attention and not be a hype that dies cause no foundation to sustain. i think my price prediction is conservative with it being a scope of 3-5 years the low end would be it being on 1 dollar the middle area would be 5 dollar the high end would be 10 dollar i compare its success to a index cause of its safety but instead of it being 8% a year its like on the lowest of ends 50-100% a year with a similair kind of safety net around it but with the potential to explode, i dont compare it to a hype coin going 50x for a month hbar is simply a nobrainer in my opinion and if it goes to shit i will have alot to ...
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