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Transaction Math

All, trying to wrap my brain around the number of transactions necessary to justify the HBAR price that we all so strongly desire. So let's say we only use the consensus service, since most of the known cases seem to heavily favor that. Each transaction gives us $0.0001. We often mention a billion transactions on the network as an incredible number (which it is), but assuming that we have a billion a month (yes, we'll have a lot more, but this is to do the maths; these numbers are made up): 1 month = 1 billion transactions = $100,000 in costs \* $0.20 per HBAR = 500,000 HBAR We have 8 billion HBAR available now, so a billion transactions are barely utilizing the available utility tokens of the network. Most of the HBARs are just sitting unused. I'm sure my math/equation is wrong, but would be very interested in two things: 1. How many total transactions would we need to justify (without hype) the value of an HBAR reaching $1 2. How does the list of currently known projects push us to that total (a breakdown, ex. AdsDax = 25 billion, XYZ = 32 billion, etc.) Would really appreciate any insight on this.
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