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The PROCESS for choosing which DLT you would use for ...... your enterprise, CBDC, NFT .....

**This is why Hbar is a long term hold** If you were responsible for taking a billion dollar enterprise and switching its supply chain monitoring to a new system, what steps would you take to ensure you could look your boss, Board of Directors, CEO in the eye and tell them "This will not Fail."? If it was your job to create a payment system for a company that was accepting hundreds of thousands of payments a day. If you knew that once it was implemented it would likely become the main, if not the only source of all income for your company. What action and testing would you need to do and at what scale to sleep at night? If you were responsible to a Nation and given the job to turn its currency into a CBDC, how would you know it couldn't be hacked, how would you know that some enemy wasn't going to be able to interfere with your nations commerce? How would you know that each and every citizen was protected against being ripped off by some random hacker??? And in most cases how would you know a country 10X or 100X bigger than yours couldn't in some unforeseen way manipulate your economy and bankrupt the national treasury by utilizing your CBDC? As we hear news about who gets to test a CBDC or of business people announcing the inevitability of companies going on a DLT and predictions of the next new payment system I think people come to a too quick judgement that something just got settled. I think that the amount of testing that would need to be done is immense and will take many many months and possibly years and that any big implementation would be done slowly. Especially with a CBDC. I would bet that many of these companies that are lining up to be the one picked first will be the ones that get eliminated first. If they dont really have the goods to deliver that kind of security they will be exposed. They may have worked fine for a NFT on a tennis shoe but not payment system that will compete with VISA. China is testing a CBDC, alright, how much do you ...
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